K-fee® Coffee, Tea & Chocolate Pods


Stateside.Coffee's range of K-fee® Pods for the WAVE Machine

The K-fee solution offers an exceptional quality range of espresso based drinks, fresh tea and luxury hot chocolate .Easy to use system ideal for use at home or in your office the Kfee® WAVE machine is the perfect solution for delivering a great range of quality drinks. Why not start off with our excellent K-fee® WAVE starter pack and benefit from the great value offer.

K-fee Enjoy Ethiopia

This is a floral espresso, single country sourced from Ethiopia.
from £3.48 per box

K-fee Share Honduras

Chocolatey coffee from Honduras with a nutty aftertaste.
from £3.48 per box

K-fee Feel The Passion

A rich, intense coffee with an aromatic quality and smooth aftertaste.
from £3.36 per box

Find Your Balance Decaf

Delicately balanced decaffienated espresso from arabica beans.
from £3.48 per box

K-fee Breakfast Tea

A fine selection of black teas to produce a British classic.
from £4.32 per box

K-fee Hot Chocolate

Exquisitely chocolatey taste and creamy texture.
from £4.48 per box

Looking for a UK approved K-fee® pod machine?

We have two, robust UK CE approved espresso machine options to go with the K-fee® pods

Whether it's for your business or the home, K-fee® will suit your surroundings. Plus the WAVE comes with a TWO year warranty.

WAVE Espresso machine

K-fee® WAVE - German espresso machine featuring commercial grade build quality.
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WAVE espresso starter pack

K-fee® WAVE Starter Pack - A WAVE Machine, plus a range of pods and extras at a hugely discounted rate.
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